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Engineering, Design and Technical Consultancy for
Oil Refining, Gas Processing, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
  • Process Engineering (PFD’s, P&ID’s, Extended Basic Engineering, Material requisitions, Operating Manuals, Process simulation)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Calculation of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, low pressure tubes; Equipment and machinery detailed specification based on international codes and standards; M.T.O for mechanical materials; M.T.O. for insulation and painting)
  • Plant and Piping Engineering (Equipment and piping arrangement; Piping specifications, calculations and stress analysis; Isometric drawings; HVAC installations; MTO for piping materials)
  • Civil Engineering (Calculations of steel structures, concrete, sewers; Detail specifications for constructions; Plot Plan; Water and sewerage underground pipe arrangement; Industrial architecture; M.T.O. for construction materials)
  • Instruments Detail Engineering (Calculations of components for instrumentation; Detail specification for control loops, field instruments, PLC, ESD, DCS, Instruments and Cables Lay out; Safeguard and intrusion protection systems, low currents systems – phone, fire signaling, video system; M.T.O. for instrument materials)
  • Electrical Detail Engineering (Calculations of electrical systems; Cables lay-out for electrical systems; Electrical equipment specifications; M.T.O. for electrical materials; Miscellaneous: lighting, equipment and pipe earthing; lightening systems, piping electric heat tracing for normal and hazardous areas, cathodic protection)
  • Equipment (shop drawings for example)
  • H.V.A.C.