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Engineering, Design and Technical Consultancy for
Oil Refining, Gas Processing, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Petrodesign can provide the following services:

  • Pre-project services
  • Project management
  • Studies
  • Process Development
  • Process Design
  • Detail Engineering
  • Environmental protection
  • Environmental analyses laboratory
  • As-built documentation
  • Authority Engineering & Safety Analysis
  • Technical Assistance
  • Works supervision on site
  • Procurement and Expediting
  • Associated activities
The services we provide are according with our calification, expertise, certification and client needs.

PETRODESIGN continues to deliver to our clients high quality engineering services, consistently on schedule and within budget.

PETRODESIGN works with clients to simplify complex problems and translate them into practical solutions, which fits economic needs.

Our Skills

  • Pre-project services100%
  • Project management100%
  • Studies100%
  • Process Development100%
  • Process Design100%
  • Detail Engineering100%
  • Environmental protection100%
  • Environmental analyses laboratory100%
  • As-built documentation100%
  • Authority Engineering and Safety Analysis100%
  • Technical Assistance100%
  • Works supervision on site100%
  • Procurement and Expediting100%
  • Associated activities100%