Engineering, Design and Technical Consultancy for
Oil Refining, Gas Processing, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Petrodesign has been serving petroleum refining, chemical & petrochemical industry for over 60 years now, being sustained by around 120 engineering, designing, architectural, financial and management specialists.

Since its origin in the chemical industry, PETRODESIGN has grown to encompass fields as petroleum refining, chemical & petrochemical industry, environmental, and related industries.

Customers satisfaction and appreciation for our projects are key concepts of our policy. That is why we take time to get insight of our Clients’ requirements so that we can fix the best solutions in the most practical way. On each engagement, we establish clear communications with Clients, thoroughly analyze their needs and directly ascertain their expectations for our performance.
Our purpose as professional engineering consultants is to use fundamental scientific principles, coupled with our experience and knowledge of the latest technologies so as to assist our Clients in making maximum usage of their facilities through better design.We understand our Clients’ purpose to develop complete functional facilities based on high quality design so that their operations can efficiently produce high quality products and services.PETRODESIGN has its own HSEQ manual according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 provisions, working with modern management, health, safety and environment principles.PETRODESIGN's ability to successfully complete any project type and size in its field of activity has assured a loyal client base with both large and small business. Our success is mainly based on our staff's ability to address and satisfy our Clients' needs using their professional, technical, and commercial abilities.PETRODESIGN continues to deliver to its Clients high quality engineering services on due terms and within budget. PETRODESIGN closely works with its Clients to simplify complex problems and translate them into practical solutions, which fit specific economic needs.

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Our History

Founded in 1948 in Bucharest, PETRODESIGN was part of the former national chemical engineering company of Romania – IPROCHIM
With its actual profile PETRODESIGN has been established in 1992, when the petrochemical division separated from IPROCHIM S.A
Since 1998, PETRODESIGN has been a shareholding company with 100 % private capital. The first private owner of PETRODESIGN was the German Company NUKEM, c.o. TESSAG.
In 2001, the major stock is taken over by DEXTRON LTD. UK., which remains till this day the owner of PETRODESIGN.

Organizational Chart